h-hi! i'm tea ;u; nice to meet you! i'm a latias, of course. you can ask me anything you like! just leave me a message below! hope to make some new friends and get to know you all soon~~! c:

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Anonymous said:
What is the kitten's name? (Your actual kitten)

[her name is nyx! c: ]

[kitten got neutered, she does not like the cone of shame. she’s also high as balls hehe]

#ooc   #kitten   #pet  

"not sure if like…"

[she looks like a bad oc, jesus christ]

Anonymous said:
Oh good please don't tell me that the whole Apollo raped Tea thing on furafinty was canon and that is how she lost her virginity because in that case I want Apollo to be dead or at least have his dick cut off.

[ no that’s not canon, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t done anything in private. consensual though, of course. although let me make it clear that it would have been very casual and nothing to indicate they were in a relationship or anything serious ]

[tea and apollo are now accepting truth or dare asks, just send ‘em in and i’ll have ‘em answer them! c: send in a truth and a dare so they can choose which to do]

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